Friday, November 14, 2008

Rapids: Now available for rent, Million-dollar Crybaby

Please let this be the be the last time this site ever references the Zipperheads. In the wake of the Rapid(e)s' return, the former owners are getting what they have coming to them:
"This million dollar a year lease argument is entirely irrelevant — a red herring. It's pretty tough to blame the City for this — no more than I would blame an undertaker for not saving his unfortunate client. ... the City has bent over backwards for Independent baseball in Ottawa, they're not the problem.
— Carl Kiiffner, The unofficial Ottawa Rapids blog, Sept. 29

"Former Rapidz owner (name redacted) used the city as a scapegoat when he exited Sept. 29, saying the city was trying for a 10-fold increase in rent to about $1 million a season when the existing lease with the former owner of the International League’s Lynx runs out following the 2009 season.
Ottawa Citizen, today

"The city offered to extend the $108,000 a year to (name redacted), (city councillor Bob) Monette said, so he’s not sure why the failure to secure a long-term deal with the city was cited as one of the reasons for the team folding."
Sun Media, today
It's a long road to justice sometimes.

It's a good day.

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GoGades said...

Councillor Monette is one of the few bright lights for sports fans in Ottawa.