Friday, November 21, 2008

Raised on the radio

Craig Calcaterra over ShysterBall is a favourite, especially when he's explaining why sports talk radio kind of exists on a bogus premise:
"While the shows -- even the least obnoxious ones -- are cast as conversations about sports, there is no conversing going on. It's all about eliciting emotional responses instead of intellectual ones."
He's referring to sports talk radio in the U.S.; it's totally different in Canada, of course. Feel free to indulge that hoser haughtiness.

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kinger said...

That is true of all sports media - read any column in the Star/Sun for the exact same kind of illogical crap. The difference with radio is that oftentimes there's a chance for the layman to call the host on the assumptions he/she makes, something that's barely a possibility for the self-important insulated newspaper columnists of the day.