Friday, November 07, 2008

Propaganda is fun!

Today, the Vancouver Sun was nice enough to give Bob Lenarduzzi an opportunity to spread some propaganda about the proposed BC Place renovations.

According to Bobby (when did he become just Bob?) anyone that thinks that playing in a football stadium with drapes hung over the upper deck isn't the same thing as a nice, intimate 20,000 seater is, well, on crack.

"I trust this will put to rest any of those concerns," he said. I would question anybody to suggest it's not a great venue. The way it's portrayed in the rendering, it's a soccer-specific stadium."

Well, since the Lions are playing there the specific part is debatable. And, there is the FieldTurf issue. Has Vancouver not been paying attention to what's happening at BMO?

If you have been to an Argos game down at the Dome you will understand what a stadium feels like when it's been artificially shrunk. It's better than having 20,000 people and 30,000 empty seats, no doubt. But, to suggest that it's the same thing as being in a place where every seat is full is ludicrous. People aren't stupid. They know where the hidden seats are.

It's Lenarduzzi's job to sell this dog, but it is hardly a long term answer.

And, what's with the hanging scoreboard???

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