Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's going, going...it's GOOOOONNNNNEEEEEEE......

That was a reference to those crazy (and now cliched) Mexican soccer announcers. But, you got that, didn't you?

Albert Pujols is looking to get into the soccer game
. Today, he was revealed as the secret investor in St. Louis' MLS bid. He joins Steve Nash and Drew Carey as famous props investors involved with bids (or teams --Seattle -- in Carey's case). Maybe Ottawa should have a chat with Jason Spezza (oh, wait, we want someone that will help. Never mind).

With the MLS Cup this Sunday in LA (Columbus and New York for those not paying attention), there is some thought that there will be an announcement on the expansion front in the next couple days. Although the league did not give a firm time line, it has typically made expansion in announcements in November (TFC turned three last week!). So, the timing of the Pujols announcement is likely to take advantage of any last minute decision making that is going on.

All that said, it seems like the league might hold off until the draft this time. Previously, it's been a matter of have money, get team for the most part. Now, they actually have to evaluate bids.

Besides, if they wait long enough maybe Barack Obama will get involved in the Atlanta bid, or something.

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