Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Hec of a choice

The CIS has done a good job at keeping the names of the major award winners secret in the lead up to tomorrow's awards ceremony. But, it is becoming clear who has won the Hec.

Out of Left Field has learned (doesn't that make us sound like "real" journalists!) that Benoit Groulx will be taking home the hardware tomorrow evening.

Although, I'm sure the trophy he craves will be handed out Saturday, it's a nice way for Quebec fans to start the weekend. It's deserved too. It's about time that the voters rewarded what's going on in Quebec with a Hec.

And, now I'm going to be nervous until it's actually official....

(Update: Le Soleil is reporting that Groulx will win.)


Andrew Bucholtz said...

Hey, some of us are "real" journalists, even if you just scooped us;).

sager said...

Le Soleil is reporting that it be so.

kinger said...

La justice!

Mike Radoslav said...

Well you know I actually knew this one for a while, just decided not to leak it and spoil the surprise :)

I agree, it IS justice! Groulx definitely deserves it more than anyone else this season