Friday, November 07, 2008

Fronts: Stink for Scott, or Horrible for Harrington?

Creating an alliterative phrase when a team is so bad that it must be trying to get the No. 1 overall draft choice is passe.

There are better uses for the ol' creative muscles than trying to figure out if it should be the Stink For Scott or Horrible for Harrington. Scott Harrington, a defenceman from K-Town is being touted as a No. 1 overall pick ... and you know the rest of the story.
Ironically, the 15-year-old’s high skill level, not to mention the perpetual ineptitude of the Ontario League's Kingston Frontenacs, means he could be selected by his home team at this year’s Ontario League draft. -- The Hockey News
It is good to see that an Internet meme that I can't help but feel partially reponsible for spreading has come into broader use. Only a total smart aleck would say that being drafted by the Frontenacs is a fate that should not be visited upon a 15-year-old.

That being said: Such a fate should not be visited upon a 15-year-old. All kidding aside, this Scott Harrington sounds like a helluva player -- and, talk about confidence, his Greater Kingston minor midget team wears Boston Bruins black and gold and he wears No. 4, just like some guy who played a long time ago.

This is probably not the best time to disclose that back around 1992-93, around the time Scott Harrington was born, someone who writes for this site wrote a full-length manuscript as part of a school project. His protagonist was a hockey phenom, from the Kingston area, who kicked up a major firestorm when he refused to report to the junior hockey team which had drafted him. This was no way a cheap fictionalization of anything that had happened around that time involving a certain future oft-concussed superstar. In the story, which team was it? The Kingston Frontenacs.

Bad team imitates bad art.

Meantime, it is unclear who did the most to kill Tank for Tavares: Ron Wilson for having an actually half-decent Leafs team, the Swedish defenceman Victor Hedman or the NHL for keeping John Tavares in juniors for three seasons and giving the scouts enough time to make a huge deal. Please don't say Tavares. He just turned 17 years old. He has lots of time to fine-tune his game. Then again, so has Jason Spezza.

So which one is it: Stink for Scott or Horrible for Harrington?

Oh, and 15 years later, how is that novel comin' along?

Frontenacs defenceman Taylor Doherty, by the way, is being touted a first-rounder in at least one mock draft.

Meantime, the Frontenacs are home tonight to the Belleville Bulls, 7:30 at the K-Rock Centre. Good sections of seats are still available.

(Update: It was Bryan Cameron 3, Kingston 0 as the Bellevegans collected an easy win. Larry Mavety, meantime, not having a captain to scapegoat, apparently had the alternate captain's "A" taken away from forward Josh Brittain. That will right the HMCS Mavesty.)

Prep Watch: A little help from his friends (Ryan Kennedy, The Hockey News)


Andrew Bucholtz said...

Great Family Guy reference... that's one of my favourite moments from the show. As a soccer fan first and foremost, though, I find the whole idea of tanking for draft picks really annoying. We should bring relegation into the OHL (and the other leagues that reward incompetence with high draft picks) and promote the best junior A teams: that would at least give the bottom half something to play for. I know it will never happen, but I can dream.

kinger said...

How doesn't the bottom half of the OHL have anything to play for? 16 of the 20 teams make the playoffs, for pete's sake.

And relegation doesn't make sense - the different junior hockey levels often act as feeders to each other and it doesn't make sense to just switch places. Plus Tier II teams would not, for the most part be competitive against OHL teams, except maybe Kingston.

If there's one thing hockey, a game that has struggled with being boring, *doesn't* need, it's any similarity to soccer.

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