Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fronts: Coach Thrill-mour! Just like old times

Far be it to suggest the bar for hockey success is set low in Kingston ... but the Frontenacs beat Belleville 5-4 in overtime in Dougie!'s coaching debut on Friday and there's a parade planned for Saturday.

Please don't say the two aren't related. (Look at where the parade route ends.)

Seriously, a win in Doug Gilmour's first game is gratifying. It's a little amusing that this game was full of reminders of GM-for-life Larry Mavety's mendacity. Ethan Werek, the other saviour-figure, scored the winning goal, poking the puck past the OHL's best goalie Mike Murphy, whom Mavety passed on drafting twice. The goal was set up by Josh Brittain, whom Mavety spited by having the assistant captain's "A" taken off his jersey. The game ended up going to overtime because of a goal at 19:59 of regulation by Eric Tangradi, who was part of Belleville's draft class in 2005, when Mavety had one of the most disastrous drafts in league history.

All of that, though, was forgotten, for at least one sleep. Please keep in mind that, to quote the great Mark Potter, the way it works in the world of the Kingston Frontenacs is that if they win one game, it's always believed they'll just go on a big run, but they have to play Kitchener and Niagara on the road the next two days. Let's see how Coach Killer is on the road.

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