Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fronts: And we still don't know who stole the strawberries!

The really amazing part of Kingston Frontenacs owner Doug Springer's most recent TV interview is that he's not rolling a pair of ball bearings in his hand.

A lay psychiatrist could have a field day with Springer's comportment. He seems unable to look TV Cogeco interviewer Mark Potter in the eye, among other things. You really have to see it for yourself, especially the assertions that GM-for-life Larry Mavety is a "a great hockey man."

Honestly, if the clip had not made it online, this would have sufficed.

Meantime, the Springer Frontenacs got some play in the National Post: "Cynics suggest the Gilmour hiring is merely a desperate attempt to temper the city's ill-feelings toward the club, put some people into the new rink, possibly give the club a chance to still make the playoffs and give Gilmour some much-needed head coaching experience."

The only cynics here are the Frontenacs organization, for making a change but not changing not the culture. They basically confessed that they never had a coaching search last summer -- it was going to be either Gilmour, or if he couldn't commit, The Royal Mavesty.

This "sorry franchise" (thank you thank you thank you, Don Campbell) does not have a real captain to lead it on the ice, but it does have its own Captain Queeg, cutting his own towline.

(Announced attendance for the second home game of the Doug Gilmour Experiment, a 4-2 loss to Brampton: 3,100. Erik Gudbranson, good player but still a 16-year-old rookie, was wearing the captain's "C" instead of NHL-drafted Josh Brittain.)

OHL welcomes celebrity coach (Don Campbell, CanWest News Service)
Captain by committee; Coach Gilmour to designate 'C' in segments (Doug Graham, Kingston Whig-Standard)


Anonymous said...

Announced at 3,100 attendance. Absolutely not that many there.

Sportsdump said...

even with Killer behind the bench we barely break 50-percent seating capacity; well, if anything the new rink the city built for the Springer Frontenacs reduces cobwebs for key events such as Anne Murray or The Muppets Reunion Tour