Monday, November 10, 2008

CIS Corner: Gaels' Ukwuoma on the rise

Queen's Golden Gaels defensive end Osie Ukwuoma is the high riser on the CFL's list of top Canadian university propsects for the 2009 Canadian college draft, moving from No. 10 to No. 5. The Gaels and Ottawa Gee-Gees each have a linebacker on the list, guess which one.
  1. Simeon Rottier, offensive line, Alberta (1)
  2. Jamall Lee, tailback, Bishop's (3)
  3. Matt Morencie, offensive line, Windsor (2)
  4. Étienne Légaré, defensive tackle, Laval (5)
  5. Osie Ukwuoma, defensive end, Queen's (10)
  6. Scott McHenry, slotback, Saskatchewan (4)
  7. Steve Myddelton, offensive line, St. FX (7)
  8. Matt Carter, slotback, Acadia (6)
  9. Dylan Steenbergen, offensive line, Calgary (8)
  10. Deji Oduwole, defensive tackle, Calgary (-)
  11. Mike Cornell, outside linebacker, Ottawa (9)
  12. Anthony Lukca, defensive back, McGill (-)
  13. Tamon George, defensive back, Regina (-)
  14. Mathieu Brossard, defensive end, Montréal (-)
  15. Thaine Carter, inside linebacker, Queen's (-)
As you can see, Jamall Lee and Matt Morencie have flip-flopped in the 2-3 slots,

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Andrew Bucholtz said...

Interesting that Carter picked up the OUA President's Trophy nomination, but is still ranked behind Cornell on this list. Obviously some disagreement between the coaches and the scouts there. Ukwuoma would be a great high draft choice, though: he's got both size and speed.

Anonymous said...

Is there an age limit to this list...
if not, i'm suprised Corey Greenwood is not on this lst

sager said...

Yeah, he'd be a good one .... between Greenwood, who's from Kingston, and Stingers D-back Bryan Charleau, who's from Simcoe, not getting QUFL all-star (Lukca got it), there might be a conspiracy afoot against Concordia defensive players whose towns where I have lived! :)

Bryan, Corey, I'm deeply sorry.