Monday, November 17, 2008

BREAKING - Dougie in, Mav out in Kingston.

If someone sees Neate, please help him up off the ground. Doug Gilmour has been hired to coach the Frontenacs.

There is a press conference scheduled for 1 p.m. As of 12:30 p.m. there is no indication what this appointment means for Larry Mavety. The diehard OHL fans over at the NOOF are speculating that Gilmour would not take the position if Mav were still around. It's unclear what they are basing that on (wishful thinking?), but there is thinking out there that suggests that Mav may be looking for a job.

What's not being talked about is whether Gilmour, a coach with less than three months experience, is a good choice to lead the Fronts back. Instead, puck-logic is in full display. Dougie played the game pretty good, eh? Obviously, he's the right man for the job!

We'll see.

UPDATE: It's looking like it was Mav that "fired" himself from the coaching position. It seems unlikely that he fired himself as GM too.
I'm sure Neate will have much more to say on this later...


Robert C. said...

Just heard this on the FAN590, glad I wasn't drinking anything or I would've spit it out. :)

Neate should be getting up off the floor shortly..... maybe.

Anonymous said...

I just hope ol' Dougie will do a better coaching job than his #1 fan Don Cherry, who as we know, did a bang up job with the expansion Mississauga Ice Dogs.