Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Top 23 for Oct. 29

Top 23* for Oct 29

*only teams that were still playing last week ranked

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No. 23 – McGill

An 0-8 finish was predicted and delivered.

No. 22 – Acadia

A little bit of pride saved in an otherwise disaster of a season—although MtA wasn’t playing for anything…

No. 21 – McMaster

Laurier manhandled MAC in the playoffs. For a program that for years prided itself on its ability to physically control other OUA teams, it was a jarring sight.

No. 20 – Bishop’s

It was a really disappointing result for BU. And, it ended a widely unpredictable season for the Gaiters.

No. 19 – Mount Allison

The Mounties seem to have gone backwards since the big week seven win against Acadia. Still a playoff game waits. The first earned in a looooong time.

No. 18 – Alberta

Where was last week’s effort all year? Although, again, Calgary wasn’t playing for much.

No. 17 – UBC

Like most in the bottom half of CanadaWest, UBC isn’t bad. They are just kind of mediocre. There is a lot of work to be done this off-season (assuming they are still playing in the CIS next year, of course).

No. 16 – Guelph

Rule No. 1 for winning playoff games? Stop the run. Guelph’s season is done.

No. 15 – St. FX

It wasn’t a great effort, but X-Men supporters will tell you that the game didn’t matter. To be fair, St. FX did step it up in the AUS championship game last year when no one saw it coming. They still lost, of course…

No. 14 – Manitoba

There will be a new champion in 2008. The Bisons never could find their way in a tough (or uniformly mediocre, the jury is still out on that) CanWest.

No. 13 – Ottawa

It’s been a tough and disappointing year for the Gee-Gee’s, but I’m pretty sure Queen’s is not happy with its quarterfinals draw. Getting Davie Mason going again is obvious, but the key might be Josh Sacobie. He’s had a below average season for a fifth year guy, but one big game would change that.

No. 12 – Sherbrooke

The 330 yards of rushing that Concordia dropped on the Vert et Or has to have Sherb worried heading into a playoff rematch. Playoff football (cliché alert) is won on the lines and in the backfield. Does Sherb have the tools yet? All sings point to “probably not.”

No .11 – Wilfrid Laurier

Recent success has spoiled WLU fans. That’s why this solid and promising 7-2 season has been next to invisible. Provided all the parts come back this will be a dangerous team in ’09, but the question is can it be a dangerous team next week. Holding the ball for three quarters of the playoff game against MAC last week was a good sign that it might.

No. 10 – Calgary

Since the Dinos weren’t playing for all that much against Alberta we are willing to extend the benefit of the doubt. Plus, they got lucky. Other results fell the best possible way giving Calgary home advantage next week.

No. 9 – Regina

I like the gutsy way Regina closed out last week’s all but playoff game with Manitoba. The Rams could be a dark horse…So long as Frank doesn’t get too caught up chasing down criminals over at .org that is…

No. 8 – Concordia

A nice, playoff-like win against Sherbrooke last week and a rematch against the same team this. But, last week’s hiccup against BU will linger until the Stingers get another shot at Laval.

No. 7 – SMU

The Huskies are a divisive team in 2008. Never fully reaching their stride (or maybe they have?) there are many that would suggest that no tea in the AUS deserves to be ranked No. 7. But, they have fought through injuries and doubts to go into the post season as a far and away favourite to win the Atlantic title. In the CIS, that’s all that matters

No. 6 – Simon Fraser

The tiebreaker wasn’t kind to the Clan, setting up a third game against Saskatchewan. It will be tough, but the underrated SFU has shown that they can play with the Huskies. One question is whether last week’s bye will hurt or help?

No. 5 – Western

It’s not just because I’m a Laurier alum that, outside of the Laval game, I’m most interested in the Western – Laurier game this weekend. The ‘Stangs are a fascinating team, one that keeps putting up the big numbers but yet seems somewhat flawed. Perhaps critics are blinded by Western of the past 10 years when they really should be thinking of the ‘Stangs of the late 80s to early 90s. This week, with their old rivals in town, will be a barometer.

No. 4 – Saskatchewan

The Huskies don’t score enough to run and hide in games and they never seem to be a true championship contender in ‘08. But, they usually win. And they have history behind them.

No. 3 – The Golden Gaels

The Goldens are bumped down one spot because of doubts about Mike Giffin’s health.

No 2 – Montreal

The tiebreaker was downright cruel, but the streaking Carabins have to beat Laval eventually. It might as well be now.

No. 1 – Laval

It should be a hell of a battle in Ste. Foy. The last team to beat Laval there was Montreal. Can history repeat itself? It seems unlikely, but if the Rouge et Or are to win Quebec in ’08 it looks like they will need to earn it against some sold opposition.


sager said...

A home game against a team that gave up 37 points last week and two weeks to get ready for it? Queen's will take that.

Ottawa has some swagger back, but Queen's never had any to lose. They know what they can do and haven't let it go to their heads -- as might have been the case in '07.

Mike Radoslav said...

I know you don't want to Duane but I feel Laurier established itself as a Top 10 team this past week - granted not far into the Top 10. Any team that shuts out another playoff team, regardless of their positioning, deserves some credit. That's just my opinion though, this week they'll have to prove themselves versus Western

Anonymous said...

Didn't queen's also give up thirty to guelph?? As well as a whole lot more total offence. Queen's should win this game, but if they take ottawa lightly at all then they're going to lose. This isn't the same ottawa team they faced a couple of weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

This time every year we hear that same talk about "this year the OUA has the team to do it" and every year they stink in the playoffs. I can't see Western or Queens beating Concordia or a healthy SMU but I guess time will tell.

Duane Rollins said...

Exception = 2005.

sager said...

Queen's gave up 30 points to Guelph -- two months ago. It's ancient history.

The Gaels ought to have learned a lesson about getting ahead of themselves from the Western game last season. It's going to be a good game Saturday. It will be a good game the following Saturday for the Yates.

Anonymous said...

I think Quebec is going to be the best playoffs it's too bad we will not get to see the Laval vs. Montreal game on TV. Reading above regarding SMU injured or not they are a good team when the heat is turned up. I remember 2001 when they lost 2 games and MAC was 11-0 and SMU came onto MAC's field and hammered them. I never count SMU or Laval out in any game they are both excellent programs this time of year and I think they will meet in The Vanier Cup!

Anonymous said...

So what if the Guelph-Queen's game was 2 months ago...the fact is they DID give up that many points.
The point is, as well as Queen's has played this season, they are not perfect or invincible.
And two weeks ago, Ottawa were at their absolute worst when they faced the GOLDEN Gaels....they can't possibly be that bad again.

sager said...

No one said Queen's was perfect or invincible. They're flesh and blood like anyone else and this is a new season.

Honestly, though, there is carryover from regular season to playoffs. You're kidding yourself if you think otherwise.

Queen's has shown up each week, Ottawa hasn't. That counts for something.

It wasn't having injured receivers that caused Ottawa to give up 12 TD passes in the last four games of the season (the 4-4 Western team that won the Yates gave up 7 in the entire 2007 regular season).

Queen's should be OK Saturday. Ottawa's got a shot.

Anonymous said...

Okay after today's game results here is my top 8

1 - Laval
2 - Saint Mary's
3 - Concordia
4- Western
5- Simon Fraser

I now have to agree with many who have said it Laval and Saint Marys will meet in Hamilton on Nov 22