Monday, October 06, 2008

To dream the impossible (and really getting old) dream

It looks like Michael Grange was bored this morning. Or, he's not convinced anyone is reading his blog. Looking for a hit bounce, and restricted by the Globe's stuffy "no porn" policy, he went for the surefire attention grabber.

Steve Nash to the Raps.

Of course there isn't any substantive, you know, evidence of that particular dream ever happening (nor, is it even a logical fit for either side). However, that doesn't stop it from popping up fairly consistently in Canadian media (although usually not in the bloody Globe and Mail).

Look, we all love Steve Nash. He ain't ever playing in Toronto (unless it's at BMO as part of a celebrity soccer game). If the Raps are interested in the development of a homegrown NBA star they should keep up the youth initiatives in Regent Park (and Leaside, we don't want to get all profile-ie here).

Besides, Jose Calderon kinda seems Canadian anyway.


Anonymous said...

Heh, Leaside folk know exactly two sports: hockey and Feeling Superior to Everyone Else.

Mike said...

With the ridiculous class of available talent coming out all at the same time in the same offseason, expect more and more stories like this from just about every team (the big one, obviously, right now is the whole Lebron to some region of the Big Apple)