Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The solution to less steak? More sizzle!!

I break this down from a soccer standpoint over at The 24th Minute, but when you are talking about the designated player and MLS, you are talking about a lot more than soccer.

So, you just know that the league is delighted by today's announcement that Swedish international Freddie Ljungberg is joining expansion side Seattle Sounders FC for 2009.

The DP position is about making money for the league. If you want to win, you spend your DP money scouting Africa looking for cheap labour. But, you won't ever see the jersey of said cheap labour down at the next PTA meeting.

All you need to know about the DP is this
. In 2008, the average attendance in games that David Beckham was scheduled to play in was 27,067. In non-Beckham games? Try 16,459. It's pretty easy math and it's why MLS is looking at tinkering with the DP rule this off-season to encourage more teams to go out and get one.

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