Friday, October 31, 2008

Shameless Plug o' the Day: CFRC's Playoffstravaganza!

If you're interested in getting the full preview of this week's Ottawa-Queen's playoff matchup - not that Neate's preview wasn't the definition of awesomitude - tune in today at 4 on the local Queen's radio station, CFRC (

Offsides, Kingston's most listened-to hourlong sports talk program, will provide close to a full hour of previews. It kicks off with the world-famous football roundtable, as blogger extraordinaire Neate Sager, K-Rock 105.7's The Coach Tim Cunningham, and former voice of the Golden Gaels Brendan McNamara will stop by to talk about the Queen's perspective. Following that, another former voice of the Gaels and now voice of the Gee-Gees in Ottawa on Rogers Television, Richard Zussman, will stop by to discuss the Ottawa perspective. Finally, we'll have former Queen's standout linebacker and now Ottawa defensive lineman Ian Hazlett to discuss his second return to Richardson Stadium.

Until then, the full audio of Pat Sheahan's Thursday press conference has been up at the sports department website, and is now fully downloadable - check it out here.

On a semi-related note, Queen's held their first pep rally in about 10 years last night. Turnout was higher than I expected, coordination was too, and the overall product wasn't bad at all. Unfortunately the key lesson learned is not to let students be involved - what should've been a 30-45 minute event lasted upwards of one and a half hours thanks to AMS resumé-padders and their ilk taking up more time than was thought humanly possible explaining the various functions and executive members of their committees. Other than that, fantastic. More at 4.

Oh, and we'll also discuss the fact that Queen's has banned CFRC, the only outlet bringing the game live to anybody (local TV is broadcast the following Monday), from reporting on the sidelines. As a result, we'll be interviewing Ottawa players and coaches (they've got no problem with it) instead. High larious.

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