Thursday, October 02, 2008

Fronts: Ever since the fall of Mav, things have been tough all over

Please don't shoot the messenger, but the fine Oilers blog Lowetide ticked the giggly with this random bit of brilliance:
This is one of my favorite times to be a hockey fan and the reason is this man, Larry Mavety. Back in the olden days, fans would get "HOCKEY PREVIEW" magazines in September that predicted the rosters and standings for each NHL team.

Larry Mavety showed up in those magazines every year. Oh sure it was at the end of a sentence ("and Larry Mavety who put up solid numbers on the farm might get a shot this year") but he never did play in the NHL.
Late September-first couple weeks of October is usually a Kingston Frontenacs' fan favourite times to be a hockey fan and the reason is Larry Mavety. The reality of his Royal Mavesty (rhymes with...) has not yet set in. There is honest, genuine hope that the situation is going to change. It's early yet, but the Fronts, outscored 16-7 in their first three losses (including 6-2 last night at Belleville) are going to beat Guelph on Friday. Hey, they're due!

(In fairness, pro hockey in Mav's playing days was a tough racket even after the 1967 NHL expansion from six to 12 teams, was a tough racket. There are a ton of players whose name might be left out of NHL Guide & Record Book, but they made some memories.)


Tyler King said...

So *my* Rush Limbaugh references are frightening, but you can blatantly plagiarize his expert characterization of George Lakoff (Rhymes With)?

For shame.

sager said...


That dog might hunt if I had ever had of George Lakoff, or listened to Rush Limbaugh.

By the way, people should Sarah Palin some slack. She believes man and dinosaur walked the earth together, when in fact it was Mav and dinosaur who walked the earth together.