Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Friday Night Lights kicks off, but only in imagination

The floor is open to suggestions on how one should approach Season 3 of Friday Night Lights.

The "innovative financing deal" (Chicago Tribune) that saved the show also means episodes won't air on readily available channels until after the Super Bowl. Can one wait that long to find out first-hand what's going on with the really, really, ridiculously good-looking populace of Dillon, Texas?

The lovely Lyla Garrity, still in the throes of what the oracle of Odessa once called every woman's save-a-bum phase, is back with that rakehell Tim Riggins. Mrs. Coach is now Principal Mrs. Coach. As for Landry/Tyra, you already knew that had about as much chance of succeeding as some the Dillon Panthers' trick plays from Season 1 would have had in real life.


Robert C. said...

Did read about Peyton Manning correcting one football thing on the show.

"I love that show. The only thing is, we never call the starter, 'QB1.' He's just the quarterback"

Huguenot said...

Since it airs only on Direct TV in the USA (prior to 2009)... did any Canadian network buy the rights for air now?

We put up with the canadian networks crappy method of limiting our access to the US broadcasts of many series, events, and even websites (read;, so it would be a great opportunity to make a smart move and get the show on for what is probably low cost.