Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Devoe Joseph getting it done...

It is exactly 27 days until GTA basketball phenom Devoe Joseph plays his first college game for the Minnesota Golden Gophers. Apropos of that, it's important to keep abreast of how he's faring as a freshman.

The Tubby Smith had some nice things to say about his freshman guard when he visited Pickering over the weekend.
"He's an unbelievable athlete and a phenomenal runner. He'll run the mile and two miles and he laps people, which speaks to his stamina and endurance." — newsdurhamregion.com
The Gophers also got a pretty positive treatment from FOX Sports last week. Eighty per cent of respondents to a poll that accompanied the column (not exactly scientific, but whatthehell) also believe the Gophers will make the NCAA Tournament this year.

Obviously, there's not much to add here, short of hoping Joseph has an impact as a freshman guard in the Big Ten. Those of you who want to keep tabs on Joseph on a semi-regular basis should probably add the The Daily Gopher and the newish Big Ten Geeks to your Google Readers.

(Google would appreciate the patronage these days!)

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