Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Canadian men play soccer?

If you are a Canadian soccer fan looking for a reason to live again, you might want to pay some attention to our teenage girls who are in New Zealand now playing in the FIFA u-17s. Canuck girls tend to do well in these tournaments, especially in their early history (this is the first edition. FIFA has only really been sanctioning u-17 girls games for about 2-3 years.

The games might be on Bold (it's all up in the air), but they will for sure be on cbcsports.ca.

I also will be all over the tournament at The 24th Minute. The Coles Notes? Canada should get out of its group which is with the Kiwis, Danes and Colombians. However, the quarters--likely against either Germany or North Korea--will be tough.

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sager said...

Sweet ... here's hoping they do well ... plus the U20 WWC starts in the not too distant future.