Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Can-Am League: Not over until the final out

Hope remains for minor-league baseball in Ottawa, that cannot be stressed enough.

It is false on its face that baseball does not work in Ottawa. Teams with bad ownership do not work in Ottawa -- fact.

Long story short, Can-Am League commissioner Miles Wolff wants to be here. The City of Ottawa wants a baseball team here. Please read Carl Kiiffner's post on the subject:
"We're back to where we were at this time last October ... there’s a lot of work to do. Despite everything that has gone on here in 2007-08, Miles Wolff remains committed to keeping a team here if he can. The pressure on him is considerable, so any support you can send his way will be appreciated ("
The Rapidz owners declaring bankruptcy did not warrant going into the classic Ottawa "worst sports town" self-flagellation. Wolff said 2,500 fans per game was the break-even point. The Rapidz averaged 2,197, decent attendance for an expaasion team run by clueless novices. The owners walked away. They gave up because they couldn't get a lease. That's not on the city or its citizens.

The bottom line is it's not over yet, no matter how much any of the know-it-alls try to make a connection that simply isn't there. This has nothing to do with any team that has come and gone before. The Can-Am League is a good product and seriously, what other sport could work at the Coventry Rd. ballpark?

See you at Opening Day 2009.

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