Tuesday, September 02, 2008

So much for catching the afterglow of Blue Monday

Having to leave before the game is over is a reality in the sports media.

Far be it, then, to say that on Blue Monday, at least one Canadian media outlet was Steve and Eydie playing a concert in upstate New York while Woodstock was happening less than a mile away:
"I was sent a note that Rogers Sportsnet was there early to get some footage, but left before the game ended. Then, they called frantically looking for footage of the end of the game. I watched Sportsnet and TSN this morning and there was no video evidence of the win. Both made mention of it." -- Big Man on Campus
Here's hoping this and this, shot by one of Out of Left Field's contributors, Mike (it's just the one name, like Cher), turns up on Sportsnet Connected's Inbox feature.

One more time, let's see the celebration, after the jump:

It's hard not to love We're Not Worthy Guy salaaming on the midfield logo. He's partying like it was 1992.

Again, and this can't be stressed enough, it's standard for videographers and newspaper photographers to leave early so they can edit and file their images. That being said, it doesn't take a Minnesota Vikings fan, though, to know that 17 points is never enough, no matter how hapless your opponent.

Rob Pettapiece, whose Waterloo Warriors were on the wrong side of OUA football history, had a great reaction to the use of the closing scene in The 40-Year-Old Virgin: "Well, at least Waterloo gets to play the part of Catherine Keener."

If that's the case, then Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin isn't the only hot granny in the news this week!

(That's obviously meant to satirize the viewpoint that anyone's attractiveness, female or male, has anything to do with whether he/she is qualified to a do a job. I apologize for not making this clearer and showing a little more class.)


Anonymous said...

"...Sarah Palin isn't the only hot granny..."

I thought we had evolved as a society just enough that females would be judged by their talents in their chosen fields -- sports, politics, arts, whatever -- without their physical attributes being an issue.

I'm disappointed, Neate.


sager said...

Hi Lori,

I thought we had, too. I'm sorry.

Can I at least explain? The remark was clearly meant to lampoon the mentality that anyone's attractiveness, female or male, has much of anything to do with whether he or she can do a job.

It bugged the hell out of me during the Olympics, it's bugged the hell out me with the media coverage regarding the governor of Alaska.

As a matter of fact, I had a long conversation over MSN with a friend about this not two hours ago, after he pointed out Sarah Palin was "hot" — like she or anyone needs it pointed out by a couple 30-year-old balding guys!

This will have the air of "some of my best friends are..." to it, but if you look at this site, you won't find any posts about who's the Hottest Female Athlete, or beach volleyball players' derrieres, or "who's the hottest sportscaster." I'm far less guilty of cleavage-for-clicks than most any popular site you can name.

That's not an out clause, though, by any means, but if you want to talk to people who have taken the time to know me, I doubt "sexist pig" would come up quickly.

Again, I apologize. I was trying to be satirical.

Tim said...


Sorry to burst your bubble, but most of us in Canada, let alone the USA have nothing else to judge Sarah Palin on other than looks. Until a few days ago, none of us knew she existed, let alone would be a VP running mate for some still unexplicable reason. All I know is no women had any issues referring to Bill Clinton as the first President they could imagine themselves sleeping with since Kennedy. They just didn't imagine all it would take was Ms. Lewinski. I'm disappointed in you Lori. Make an issue where it's warranted, not in a sports blog on an offhand comment.


Anonymous said...


As a follow up to my other post, I'd like to say you have nothing to apologize for in this matter. We need to adjust as a society to make sure we don't "cry wolf" over important issues. You made a satirical comment in what is an irreverent, insightful and respectful sports blog. Don't apologize for doing what you do. Nobody I've read supports women's sports for what they are more than this site. Keep up the good work.

Tim in London

sager said...

Thanks Tim. I appreciate that Lori did take me to task where it was somewhat warranted.

Also, it's not like we've been going big-time on women's sports posts. We should.

Hey, I'll throw it open — I would like to have a woman writing for the site. Shoot an e-mail to neatesager AT yahoo dot ca.

Anonymous said...

Geez, Neate, grow a set. Some PMS-ing woman flips out over nothing on you, and you roll over and offer squirrelly shirely the keys to your kingdom. And seriously, the odd shot of female athelete in a bikini would make me visit your blog a little more often then WNBA updates.

Hey, Lori, maybe you could be the first of Neate's pinups! Didn't think so if your so threatened by the Alaskan presidents hotness. There's no denying that she's pretty hot for her age - the Alaska president not Lori! LOL!

Other then that, great blog!


sager said...

@ Bruno: That was a great piss-take, thank you.

I like to think I grew a set when I refused to resort to tits-for-clicks as a lazy man's way to drum up page views.

Tyler King said...

Neate's the guy who finds Mike Toth to be sexist for calling Evanka Osmak "lovely". I strongly doubt he's a member of the mass sexist/racist/homophobic/bigoted society that the left so enjoys condemning.

Anonymous said...

Neate - Thanks for taking the time to explain.

Bruno - Whaaaa?