Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Snark break...

What's that falling figure shooting past your window .... why, it's the Tampa Bay Rays!

It would make sense if Oakland Raiders coach Lane Kiffin was not wearing the "GU 63" pin that all NFL coaches during the late Monday Night Football game last night. Given how the Raiders have been looking, not wearing the pin was probably the best way to honour Gene Upshaw.

It sort of says it all that the 10-year anniversary of Mark McGwire breaking Roger Maris' home run record passed almost without comment.

What's worse: Supporting for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, who tied the can to Charlie Taaffe on Monday, or supporting the only CFL team the Tabbies can beat, the other one in Southern Ontario? (They fired their coaches on the same day -- crazy. Bucholtz has more on the Don Matthews hiring over at Sporting Madness.)

The U of T Varsity Blues are having the best season so far among the five pro and university teams in the GTA. Let that roll 'round your mind for a bit.

(Former Ottawa Gee-Gees coach Marcel Bellefeuille is the interim coach for the duration of the season. The Ticats are fast becoming the Cradle of Coaches for CIS football.)

What happened to Ottawa radio host Glenn Kulka recently -- suffering a broken orbital bone after being hit in the face with a puck while reffing a charity hockey game -- should not be wished on anyone. Even the Coen brothers are kinder to their characters. Having something so random visited upon someone who went public in 2005 about how turning to religion to deal with his guilt over abusing steroids, then suddenly goes into MMA looking exceptionally buff and cut than most men his age -- clean living, exercise and Vitamin Church, rihgt? -- does make one wonder about karma, however.

Go get 'em, Kulkster.

Stuff that's semi-halfway important:

  • On MNF, Ron Jaworski referred to Brett Favre as "probably the best quarterback ever."

    No disrespect, but when the all-time leaders in yards per pass are factored in -- and Bart Starr is eighth and the Gunslinger is tied for 75th, despite playing in an era of domes, the no-bump rule on defence and holding being legalized for offensive linemen. Favre isn't even the best Packers quarterback ever.
  • Vikes Geek did the demolition work on that soul-sucking season-opening to the Green Bay Packers. (Two 50-yard-plus gains allowed on defence, a punt return for a touchdown, one tackle for Jared Allen and Brad Childress' characteristically unimaginative playcalling -- hey, let's run it up the middle again, they can't be expecting it this time! -- and they still only lose by a touchdown. Arrrrrgh.)
  • Via Drunk Jay Fans comes an argument that runaway American League Cy Young Award winner Cliff Lee has built his 21-2 record and 2.28 ERA against some lightweight opposition. Roy Halladay might be more of a real deal.
  • Kingston's K-Rock Centre will host two pre-World Junior Hockey Championship exhibition game. Apparently the tournament is in Ottawa or something.

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