Friday, September 05, 2008

Rapidz: One spiked shoe drops

The Ottawa Rapidz just sent out a press release not 20 minutes ago confirming what's
been known for almost two weeks.

Shelagh O'Connor is the new general manager, with Tom Carcione as field manager for next season. In other words, a baseball neophyte will be in the GM's chair, with a rookie manager and presumably another newbie, pitching coach Mike Kusiewicz, also working on player personnel.

This, for a team which probably has to turn over about 17 or 18 spots on the 22-man roster.

Far be it to say the coverage will focus on the novelty of a woman in the GM's chair, instead of hard questions about her bona fides for the office. One question that has to be asked is if Carcione will return to his coaching job at Northern Illinois University for fall, winter and spring months, and what time that leaves him to chat up potential players. Also, where is Rick Anderson in all this? Oh, right ...

Rick Anderson is outta here! Rapidz owner Zipz off to Calgary (Aug. 23, 2008; "riposte" on Sept. 2)
Rapidz, chief resigns (Krystle Chow, Ottawa Business Journal, Sept. 3)


Anonymous said...

Two outta three ain't bad.

Anonymous said...

Dear Shelagh:

I am thrilled to hear of your appointment as the new GM of the Ottawa Rapidz
As a woman, you will undoubtedly have many detractors who will, in their ignorance, insist you do not have the quualifications for the job.
Balderdash, I say.
Gender should not and will not have any affect on your capabilities.
I know in my time as a pro sports team GM, I was remarkably to speak.
Anyway, you go girl and don't let those chauvinist jerks get you down.

Sincerely yours

Jo-Ann Polak

Tyler King said...

She's the Sarah Palin of baseball, eh?