Monday, September 15, 2008

He could be referring to either kind of football

Great article in The Guardian on Sunday that brings home the malaise of modernity that kind of hands over the world of fun and games, where the players "are richer, but not necessarily enriched."
While football has an end-of-empire feel, it will limp on gloriously, because millions are as addicted to the glamour of the Premier League as they are to the football itself. A friend who supports Manchester United hasn't been to a game in years and has no intention of doing so - but he constantly goes on about the money the club spend in the transfer market. I got the impression he was mildly disappointed they paid Spurs only £30 million for (Dimitar) Berbatov, and envious of the £32 million City could afford for Robinho.
Addicted to the glamour... doesn't that beat all.Can football get itself out of jail? (Kevin Mitchell, The Guardian)

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