Monday, September 15, 2008

Grass to BMO Field? "We're working on it:" David Miller

Below the jump, amateur video of Toronto mayor David Miller--looking suspiciously, um, happy--discussing the possibility of installing grass at BMO Field.

The comments start at the 9:15 mark.

The Coles Notes:

Interviewer: …if you built the stadium, can you get us grass?
Miller: We’re working on it.
Interviewer: Really?
Miller: But, you gotta understand it’s Canada right? Look what happened in Montreal—a national team disgrace, so you gotta be careful, but yeah. Grass.
Interviewer: So, what would the time line be? Four years, eight years? Two years. Just what were you thinking if of realistically?
Miller: Next. Year. (pause as he talks to a suddenly worried aid). Next year…but no guarantees, but we’re trying.

Youtube is a wonderful thing, you know.


Anonymous said...

So Melnyk just announced he would build a 30,000 seat soccer stadium close to his Scotiabank Place.
It is contingent on a successful bid for a MSL team that costs $40 million.
Eugene is definitely not an Ottawa native,nor a city councilor or city administrator. He thinks to big for that. While the local pundits were talking a 20-22 thousand seater, Eugene dangles a bigger carrot to help win his bid, by upping it to 30,000.
I wish we had more big thinkers and risk takers in Ottawa.


Anonymous said...

just FYI.... the 'Interviewer' is PARKDALE from the Red Patch Boys and his (my) collection of Toronto FC videos can be found here

thanks for the link!