Saturday, September 06, 2008

Fronts: Oh, it's a hoot, seein' the world through Rosen-coloured glasses

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall in any number of Kingston homes when the head of the household brought in the Saturday Whig-Standard (or logged on to

In the front section, Mayor Harvey Rosen is offering vague reassurances that there's a plan to pay for for the shiny new K-Rock Pot without raising taxes. In sports, the new and improved Springer Frontenacs are 0-for-3 in the exhibition season after losing 3-2 last night against the Ottawa 67's.

Never mind that even a slow-witted, blog-writin' guy coulda deduced two years ago that the federal Tories likely didn't have a penny for an arena in Kingston. Harper and the boys are more about endearing themselves to urbanites and voters in rural communities that are "a good place to raise children," don't you know. Kingston and the Islands falls in no-man's land, especially since it's gone Liberal in every federal election since '88.)

The surcharge on tickets sold to Springer Frontenacs games will surely help make up the difference, since the Fronts thus far are generating some kind of buzz. In fairness, it's only pre-season and Mavric Parks, of Eganville, only had to make 47 saves to keep it close vs. Ottawa on Friday.

Erik Gudbranson also potted his unofficial first OHL goal. How about that? Well, at least our hypothetical newspaper reader can go out to the Chapters or the Indigo on Princess St. to find some new reading material for solace ... so long as he doesn't pick up the latest The Hockey News, which ranks the Belleville Bulls as the No. 2 team in Canada.

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