Friday, September 26, 2008

Fronts: Heard the news today, oh boy

This might sum up opening night for the Springer Frontenacs: Ethan Werek got his first goal for the black and gold.  A minute later he got a penalty and Mississauga scored off the faceoff. It was just another day in the life.

The Mississauga IceDogs won 6-4. The details can be left to the salaried sportswriters. A reader e-mailed in mid-game to pre-emptively call shenanigans on whatever the announced attendance would be, saying "the sections at the end boards were deserted." It was 4,149.

Meantime, Mike Murphy, passed over twice by his hometown team in the OHL draft, rejoinedthe Belleville Bulls just in time for their game vs. the Ottawa 67's. He only stops 40-of-43 shots, including 18-of-19 in the opening period, to help the Bellevegans beat the Soixante-Septs 4-3. Oh, and Fronts castoff Kyle Bochek had the empty-net clincher to help his new team, the Saginaw Spirit, ring up a 4-1 win.

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Anonymous said...

At the game last night and there certainly wasn't 4,149 in the stands. The ends and most of the seats on the sides were deserted.

As for the game, Werek was the best Fronts player at times. Some pitiful defensive zone coverage on Kingston's part. Gudbranson struggled, but that's to be expected for a 16-year-old rookie.

I didn't understand why, on the power play, the coaching staff didn't have Gudbranson and Crawford switch sides to allow for easier one timers. Gudbranson looked awkward at times moving the puck on the power play. Have Grudbranson, a right-hand shot, move to the left point and vice versa with Crawford.