Monday, September 08, 2008

Dining out on McDonald's moniker (take that, Tother)

Bless you, Cox Bloc -- being the coiner of a colourful nickname for a slick-fielding shortstop might not seem like much of a claim to fame. You take whatever you can get in this life, however:.
Mike Toth's most recent column laments the lack of colourful nicknames in the modern baseball world ... Sure, there are no Wahoos and Catfishes anymore, but Toth is apparently unaware of the brilliant McGlovin, bestowed upon the Blue Jays' Human Highlight Reel (with the glove, not the bat, of course) by Neate Sager."
It figures that acclaim for the splendid sobriquet that was coined in 2007 wouldn't come until near the tailend of an '08 season where McGlovin has been reduced to mostly to pinch-running.

Also, this is a reminder that everyone should go to the Baseball Hall of Fame website and vote for the late, great Tom Cheek for the 2009 Ford C. Frick Award.


Anonymous said...

Neate- congrads on being mentioned on another sports blog.

Love the blog

Anonymous said...

Ford C. Frick...hmmm, wasn't he the commissioner of baseball who ordered the record book to put an asterisk besides Roger Maris' name when he broke the Babe's single season home run record?
Nice guy.
Can you think of another word that rhymes
with FRICK?

sager said...

Frick's move was a dick move, all right.

I'll get out my geek hat... there never was an asterisk ... During his sportswriter days, Frick had been tight with Babe Ruth, so he said Maris' record would only count if he did it in 154 games (never mind that due to ties, the Babe played 158 in 1927 when he hit 60).

It's always struck me as odd that an award for broadcasters is named for a former sportswriter.

Frick's other trademark was dodging questions put to him as commissioner by saying, "That's a league matter."