Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cheering for the Fronts has always been existential

Huzzah for TVCogeco for acknowledging that following the Kingston Frontenacs will make anyone question her or his existence.

At least it's established that Ethan Werek is very real. The Frontenacs power play, penalty killing, goaltending, heart, defence, third and fourth lines, coaching and management, well, that remains be to seen. The video, after the jump.

And then he scored in his first home game. Unfortunately for the Fronts, so did six players from Mississauga:

Incidentally, ex-Fronts centre Luke Pither was player of the week in the OHL.


Tyler King said...

So Ethan Werek goes into a Pizza Pizza, orders a pepperoni slice, and then just leaves talking on his cell phone without getting the pizza?

I don't like this guy's attitude.

sager said...

He wanted better reception on his calls ... it was Cogeco taking a subtle dig at Rogers.

Tyler King said...

Except Cogeco doesn't do mobile phones.

sager said...

Cable and internet, though ... it was a very tangential burn.

Robert C. said...

Funny skit since I know the "tooth fairy" from Cogeco. Steve one of the producers/directors at the station. At least that Pizza Pizza is very close to the station so he didn't have to wear that outfit very long. :)

sager said...

I know exactly where that Pizza Pizza is, although in my day, it was a Reid's Dairy.

Loonie shakes, man.

Tyler King said...

Reid's Dairy was a store? I just know them as a brand on milk cartons.

Their chocolate milk is awesome, though.

Duane Rollins said...

Bell Blvd in Belleville - just off the 401, about 1km from the Quinte Mall. Stop the next time you are driving past for a Loonie or Twonie shake and fresh cheese curd at the Reid's Dairy outlet.

Hidden gem, man...a hidden gem.