Sunday, September 07, 2008

The airwaves get a little Will Strickland power

This appeared in a profile of music producer Will Strickland that might not have been seen by non-sports fan eyes, but it's got something of worth for the media junkies:
Television station The Score has signed a letter of intent to air a sports talk show pitched by Strickland and Toronto Star sportswriter Morgan Campbell. The pair believe the show -- currently titled The Throwdown -- could be the first national non-comedy show created and presented by two black men when it begins airing in May, 2009. -- The Globe & Mail
Nothing could be finer than a viable sports-talk outlet originating out of the Centre of the Universe and providing an option for those who get tired of the FAN 590 every so often. Competition is never a bad thing, especially if you're a basketball fan who's starved for really good NBA and NCAA talk during the winter months.

(The article also notes that Strickland is trying to develop a half-hour sitcom starring NBA demigod LeBron James, which is probably notable in its own right, but that's for another, better blog to decide. A LeBron sitcom? Why not? He's already shown a comic flair, albeit indirectly.)

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