Sunday, August 17, 2008

A throne befitting his Prince Dougie and his Royal Mavness

Word from the West Coast is that the WHL's Portland Winter Hawks are about to have new owners.

Portland was hands-down the most dysfunctional franchise in the Canadian Hockey League. Can anyone think of a franchise, possibly one in the OHL, that can step to the plate and inherit that lofty mantle as the biggest gong show going in junior hockey?

Update: Incidentally, St. Catharines believes it will be hosting a game in the Canada-Russia Challenge in November. How is it that a team that plays in the ancient Jack Gatecliff Arena could be selected, while it's quite likely that a team in a new arena wouldn't try to bring in a guaranteed-sellout game vs. the Russians?

Update 2: The games will be Nov. 20 in Guelph, Nov. 24 in St. Catharines, for anyone who is interested.

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