Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Spanish Leg of the Toronto Raptors

First it's Jorge Garbajosa and his broken/healed tribulations last season with the Olympic Qualifier, and now the gleaming spec of light for the Toronto Raptors future, Jose Calderon, pulled up lame in the Spanish victory over Croatia, ironically enough while Calderon was playing against his future back-up next season Roko Ukic...or is it??? (naw it actually IS just a weird coincidence). Thankfully the Spanish Federation and Bryan Colangelo are on better terms after the lawsuits surrounding Garbajosa subsided, and it appears both the Spanish Coach Aito Garcia Reneses and Calderon himself are working alongside BC here, and that is a great sign.

Spain's head coach, Aito Garcia Reneses, told the Globe and Mail that
Calderon wouldn't play on Friday unless he was "well" and that as soon as the
injury occurred, the three-year NBA player knew he had to be cautious.

However, there does appear to be some weird curse falling upon the Toronto franchise in terms of the Spanish National Team, and I don't like it one bit!

Calderon is going for tests, it sounds like he won't be coming back unless he's 100%, and not only do the Raptors have their own medical staff there but it appears Jose is complying with their wishes. There is time for recovery before the season starts but the last thing you to have with your star point guard is injury questions surrounding the start of his full time starting role.

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