Sunday, August 10, 2008

From Colts blue to double blue...

Keep this on the radar screen: Running back Clifton Dawson, who's from Toronto, was released by the Indianapolis Colts before their exhibition game last night.

Dawson would still be Toronto Argonauts' property -- they took him late in the 2006 Canadian college draft. No one else in the league really seems hard up for a running back (the Saskatchewan Roughriders are just banged up at the other 23 positions).

Incidentally, you have a better chance of finding a bullfighter in Labrador than reading a post on a Colts blog without hearing complaints about Kenton Keith, be it his hands or his general deportment. This will come as no shock to Saskatchewan Roughriders fans.

(A colleague at work is a 'Riders fans who also cheers for the Michigan Wolverines, so he's got the best of both worlds. The better former Wolverine Mike Hart does as a rookie running back for Indy, the more it hurts Keith. (Hart has had six carries in pre-season, and five of them have gone for nine yards or more.)

As pointed out by one of our faithful commenters, Samuel Giguère played but did not catch a pass. He didn't get an opportunity on punt or kickoff return duty, either.

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John Edwards said...

According to, Giguere played, but didn't make a catch.