Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Damn Vikings: Loose lips on the Vikings' ship

It's like what Deion Sanders once said, "They don't pay nobody to be humble." You only talk when you can back it up. (Right, Charlie Weis?)

The Minnesota Vikings are being, well, kind of loud and proud these days.

“Damn, that’s their problem. They’re going through all that as a team, trying to figure out if (Brett) Favre or (Aaron) Rodgers was the man, while we’ve got the same team we had all offseason. I’m glad they got all that darn press, ‘cause when we go down there it’ll be the kid’s first start and his first damn loss." — Pat Williams

“Playing Green Bay on Monday night to start the season — that’s everything you want. Hopefully, I can put my helmet square in the back of his (Rodgers') spine. If I can do that and knock the ball loose, it’ll be a good day.” — Jared Allen

Those 27 days until the season opener can't pass quickly enough.

Trippin’ Tuesday: More spice to Vikes-Pack rivalry (Michael Silver, Yahoo! Sports; via Pro Football Talk)

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krister said...

real football - English Premier League - begins this Saturday. The 'fake rugby' is good for a Sunday afternoon, but then it better be CFL. I am scarred for the NFL after years of seasons tickets when I was an undergrad at WLU to the Detroit Lions:)