Tuesday, August 26, 2008

CIS Corner: The Score's into the Gaels and Gee-Gees

The Score has a University Rush schedule for the first six weeks of the OUA football season:
Sept. 6: Queen's at Guelph, 1 p.m.; Western at Laurier, 7 p.m.
Sept. 13: Ottawa at McMaster, 7 p.m.
Sept. 20: McMaster at Guelph, 1 p.m. 
Sept. 27: Western at Queen's, 1 p.m. 
Oct. 4: Laurier at Ottawa, 12:30 p.m.
Quick analysis: This is a pleasant surprise that the network will travel east to both Kingston and Ottawa, especially the latter, since the Gee-Gees are a Yates Cup favourite. One bone of contention: Western had posted on their website that The Score would show the Mustangs-Windsor Lancers game on Oct. 4, the team's homecoming game. Really, though, Western's already guaranteed two TV appearances (each on the road, albeit), so it would be hard to complain, not that would stop a certain daily paper in London.

Going with a flex schedule for the last two Saturdays of the regular season is a good idea. There are only three games on Oct. 11, including a McMaster-Laurier matchup which would probably be the safe, default choice that doesn't require venturing into the wilderness that lies beyond Southern Ontario. (The other two games are York-Guelph and Ottawa-Queen's, but a third trip east before the playoffs is a little much to ask, considering the budgetary constraints that are a reality in Canada.)

As for Oct. 18, Guelph-Western and Windsor-McMaster are possibilities, depending on the playoff implications.

Cross-posted to The CIS Blog. Gratitude is extended to the commenter who filled us in.

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All my bitchin' and whining paid off in some better coversge of Ottawa!!!!