Wednesday, August 27, 2008

CIS Corner; Golden Hawks, wearing white after Labour Day

... but it's a touching story, so mocking is out today.

Duane and Mike's alma mater has ditched their fashion-forward football uniforms for a less busy look, with smaller numerals and Laurier spelled out in blocky letters (artists' sketches are available if you click through on the above link).

The Hawks' new football uniforms were inspired by former team captain Chris Worden, the RCMP constable who was gunned down in the line of duty in Hay River, N.W.T. last year.

" 'Chris e-mailed me two or three weeks before he was killed,' said Hawks head coach Gary Jeffries. "He said 'I saw you guys on TV. The uniforms look horrible. You've got to get new ones. They are all ripped.'

Worden made his thoughts known to his wife, Jodie, who later spearheaded a campaign to raise $12,000, or about half of the cost of replacement jerseys."
-- Kitchener Waterloo-Record
The big change is to the road uniform, where Laurier's gone for white-on-white with the jerseys and pants. The new jersey looks a little like what the Minnesota Vikings used to wear, while the pants appear to be all-white, with no stripe. Speed guys, the receivers, linebackers and defensive backs, tend to love that all-white look. The jury is still out with the bullhunkuses who play on the line.

The new look is said to "borrow elements" from the LSU Tigers. One irony there is that Louisiana State seldom wears their purple jerseys -- they wear white at home. They also don't have white pants.

Queen's is unveiling new uniforms later today.


Mike said...

I've been waiting SO LONG for these jerseys to be unveiled, since they announced this was happening months back.I personally didn't like their old jerseys, and while they'll always hold a place in my heart thanks to '05 I'm just not really a fan of Reebok jerseys period. I think these are going to be much better, and the white-on-white look is gonna be sweet! (granted I was a WR so maybe that's why! haha)

What are they doing with Queen's? From the looks of VCVet's photo's over at they had no decals on their helmets, I wonder if this was just a preseason thing or not...if not, that might be pretty cool if you ask me!

Mike said...

Oh and also, while it doesn't have to be stated, it is great to see the tribute being paid here to Chris Worden. Our thoughts are still with you and your family for serving the school, the community, and the country so well!