Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bleeding Tricolour: Expanding the brand

Queen’s University Athletics and Recreation will reveal its highly anticipated new brand identity and uniforms on Wednesday, August 27, 2008 at 5:00pm in Kingston, Ont..

As part of the official launch, Queen’s University Athletics and Recreation will also announce its new apparel sponsor who has furnished the 2008-09 uniforms in all new designs coordinated with Queen’s Athletics & Recreation new brand. — press release
The skinny gleaned from a chat with Queen's SID Michael Grobe is that the school's new look and logo will "say Queen's." The aim is to have a little more uniformity between the various varsity teams, which isn't a bad idea.

It will be interesting to see what is unveiled next week.

Also of note in OUA football, and perhaps it should be getting its own post: Scott Puillandre, a Guelph Gryphons linebacker, has left the team to join the Canadian Armed Forces, reports our friend Greg Layson.

(Puillandre was the hardest hitter in Norfolk County during someone time's at the Simcoe Reformer. Wish him well.


Anonymous said...

Dont get your hopes up...

sager said...

That Puillandre will serve his country with honour? Be more specific.

(Oh, you're probably referring to the new logo & uniforms. Well, if all else fails, you can always Stockholm Syndrome yourself into liking it.)

Duane Rollins said...

new brand identity

That makes me nervous. The Queen's Best Buy Golden Gaels anyone?

Or maybe they'll go new school.

The Queen's Xtream.

Stick with the yellows.

Tyler King said...

Here's the info I've managed to wrangle:

-no name change
-the football team will still have identical home and away jerseys, they will still be gold
-the tricolour will not change
-the new logo will have a Q - it will look different from the current Q.

Considering the veil of secrecy around this, that's pretty informative. Lolz.

Their announcement also says the apparel sponsor is TBA - that might mean they've abandoned Russell Athletic.

Anonymous said...

No more Russell!

If you really want to get the scoop on everything, talk to anyone who went to the Queens football alumni golf tourny...

or go to football traingin camp and pay close attention to certain peopls hats...

Tyler King said...

Ohhhh I missed the hats today and I've been there the past two. That'd be brilliance.

Apparently it was accidently published in the last Queen's Journal too.

Anonymous said...

The journal had the old logo with what looks like a "sticky note" under it - and partially showing what is proabbly the new logo.

Anonymous said...

i have heard rumor of the helmets being repainted blue... can some one PLEASE tell me this won't be happening!!!!

sager said...

We'll find out tomorrow ... hey, Laurier changed from gold to purple helmets and the world, remarkably, stayed on its axis.

That doesn't mean Queen's should do it. I cannot imagine Queen's in anything but gold helmets, and that goes for football and hockey. There aren't enough traditions like that in Canadian university sports.

(In the NCAA, Brigham Young switched from white to blue helmets a few years ago — and switched back.)

Anonymous said...

Football Uniforms are pretty much the same... they added shoulder #s and the red addidas triple stripes and queen's Q's on the arms and back of the neck.
Helmets stay gold (thank god).

(the original plan was to have blue pants and helmets)