Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Benoît Groulx bolts for AHL

Benoît Groulx has long been rumoured to be in line for this job or that job and now it's for real — he's headed to the AHL with the Rochester Americans.

He'll be coaching a team called the Americans, instead of Team Canada at the annual exercise in overkill that is the World Junior Hockey Championship. Sometimes it's hard to come up with a headline. This is not one of those times. (What is it with the Panthers and coaches who've have WJHC assignments? First Peter DeBoer and Jim Hulton go the NHL team, and now Groulx's headed to their AHL club.)

The fun wrinkle that might be begging to be exploited is that Dave Cameron, the former bench boss of the Senators' Binghamton farm club, is an assistant coach on the squad. Cameron went back to the OHL after the 2007 season to coach Eugene Melnyk's Mississauga-St. Michael's Majors, but if things had been so all-fired great in Binghamton, where there's reportedly some discord toward the Sennies, he probably wouldn't have moved.

(Update: Or Hockey Canada could go with Pat Quinn. Talk about awk-ward for the Senators and the Leaf-having pompom wavers.)

(Link via the superb World Of Junior Hockey.)


Rob Pettapiece said...

"Benoît Groulx bolts for AHL" takes on an entirely different meaning after you've just spent an hour doing this.

I have nothing useful to add.

sager said...

Yes, there's the other Benoît Groulx who plays QB for Laval University.

He uses the accent mark, I'm not so sure about the 'Piques coach.

Someone from Buckingham will probably be along to set us straight.