Friday, July 25, 2008

Searching for Jack Donohue, Jr.

It wouldn't do to engage in baseless speculation about who will be the next coach of Canada Basketball. Let's just point out Michael Grange pulled very punches vis-a-vis Leo Rautins' coaching future in his Globe & Mail column today.

As a fan, there's obviously a bias here. Forgive him, he knows not what he writes. OK, out with it...

There's a thought -- maybe a fantasy -- dancing in this hoophead's cranium that involves a certain coach, right here in Canada's capital, who's done very well with another program that wears red and black, steering our national men's basketball team back to the Olympics in London four years from now — or maybe in 2016 in Chicago. You probably know his name.

It's not for yours truly to say that could happen or should happen. It's a nice fantasy, though, as another Olympic basketball tournament comes around minus a team wearing the Maple Leaf.

Canada needs a lot to get back to the Olympics, though, more than just coaching.

Update: Here's the highlight reel from the Redeem Team's exhibition win over Canada.

Rautins coaching against the house (Michael Grange,


Greg said...

Out with it Neate. Smart is the smart choice. Period. The Canadian program is different than the US one. Or European ones for that matter. Our best and brightest shone at the university level — north or south of the border. Our best and brightest are still young, playing in pro leagues that are not the NBA. Smart would mesh better with the national guys than Rautins. Oh, and one other thing, he has coaching experience. Imagine Team USA giving the coaching gig to Christian Laetner.

sager said...

That was the strategy — get someone else to say it so Dave won't get mad at the blog-writin' guy over causing a distraction.

Laettner coaching? Isn't a Duke guy more likely to own a NBA team than coach one?

Greg said...

It's not a distraction if it's a legitimate argument, which this is. He's as qualified — maybe more so — than Rautins ever was.

sager said...

All right .... I expect people with the clout to start spreading this Internet meme. Carleton gets their crown back this year (obviously, Calgary and UBC, among others will have something to say about ithat) and that would lead people to speculate about Smart needing a new challenge.

Again, though, that's not for me to say. Sorry for being coy.