Thursday, July 31, 2008

Karma -- do they have that in China or has it been banned too?

News that a Korean news crew was able to walk past security at the Olympic Stadium in Beijing and film rehearsals for the opening ceremony is enough to make you believe that there is a higher power and that she has a good sense of irony.

I guess when you are busy trying to micromanage everything it's hard to actually protect the reasonable secrets you are trying to keep.

Watch the video.


Greg said...

Duane, this is merely the first crack in the titanium hull that is the Beijing Games.

Sooner or later, some risk-taking, savvy reporter is going to grab some video of some truly evil ongoings by the government against its own citizens at these Games. It's going to happen, it's only a matter of time now.

God, governments don't get it: the tighter you grip, the more likely something's going to slip through.

Tyler King said...

Didn't Princess Leia say that?

Jeff Dertinger said...

It would make sense. Leia was a princess, raised to rule an entire planet properly. The only person more qualified to speak on the topic than Leia is He-Man, master of the universe.

the fear said...

Um, this is classic western media (except its a blogger) bias towards China. I was thinking of the negative press towards China and it occurred to me. This isn't a call for freedom or democracy...this is anti-China bullshit. Its so classic... CNN, ESPN and even the venerable Out of Left Field seem to stoop to this low. There is this inherant fear of China and the Olympic games simply confirm all of our fears of big bad China. They must be so confused over there... I mean here they are developing along western terms, playing the west's rules on capitalism... they have lifted so many millions out of poverty and into the middle class and they virtually make every little trinket, engine, toy... etc that the west needs but can't find workers to do, and for that they deal with a tonne of pollution which is produced to make the goods we in the west. And then, on top of it all we here in the west scream, bitch, and moan when they don't have a clean environment, or they don't possess the freedoms that we have. Its bloody absurd. Rollins your crap on this blog has been an annoyance for a while and this just tops it. Dear Sager, please, please, your fantastic writing gets overshadowed by this silly 'footy' expert. Nonetheless, what can you do. By the way, I am a white dude from Saskatchewan so I'm not somehow speaking from the politburo... I have no vested interest in how China looks. I just find it absurd that we in the west complain of China, when they have developed and adopted everything economically we asked of them, and because they did it, succeeded, and due to not conceiving of freedom, the way we do they are demonized... its insanity. Please STOP THE INSANITY. Dear Sager, I would, and many other, would enjoy an essay on this topic by you. Not this clown

sager said...

I'm flattered. I wish you hadn't called my co-editor a clown because you disagree with him, but you do have a point ...

The choice to defer to the other writers -- Duane Rollins, Greg Hughes, Andrew Bucholtz -- was based on the reality that they are much more internationalist in their outlook and stake a lot more emotion on the Olympics. It comes through in their writing.

The Olympics have never done it for me, at least not since I was a teenager. It hit home one time -- here you have an event that gives lip service to sport for sport's sake, venerating the physical form, at the same time it's basically powered economically by advertising dollars from Coca-Cola, a a major cause to cavities, obesity and diabetes. No irony there. (Plenty of irony to the fact that I had a large Coke at the movies tonight -- and got a refill.)

The point is, why are we so surprised? Taking the Games to China was going to be Juan Antonio Samaranch's final eff-you. If this had been the 2004 Games, people probably wouldn't be so open about it, but it's 2008, Bush/Cheney are outta there in January. The climate of fear isn't there. People are speaking up that this is bullshit. We should not lose sight of that.

Duane Rollins said...

The fear,

So your argument is that because the west is as much at fault for the issues (human rights, environment, etc) that we see in China (your opinion) then the western media should just ignore it?


No, seriously, that's some crazy faulty thinking you have going there.

But, anyway. You're free to skip my posts if you like. You're also free to read them and critique them. I would ask that if you want to get personal that you man (or woman) up and provide your full name, since I post under my full name. Or, you can e-mail me at