Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Joe Buck will be changing his middle name to Osama

See how it works? Rick Reilly of Sports Illustrated ESPN.com makes a crack on TV about how there's "eight white guys" in the Home Run Derby.

Right around the same time, a YouTube clip of MLB's promo spot for the playoffs materializes featuring the Latino actor Rick Gonzalez. Take that. How can anyone accuse MLB of being a little too white-bread in its general outlook when Spanish from Old School has been selected to represent their hard-core fanbase? What's next -- Joe Buck and Tim McCarver exchanging terrorist fist jabs on the All-Star Game broadcast tonight?

Getting back to the point, the promo spot looks like a winner, especially since the first image in the montage is of Joe Carter in 1993. Then again, anything would be an improvement on the spots from last fall with Dane Cook, simply for not having Dane Cook.

(Clip via Yahoo! Sports' Big League Stew.)

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