Monday, July 07, 2008

The Jarkko Ruutu anthem, without a guy in a gladiator outfit

Let this be a template for every half-talented jock sniffer who wants to compose a song dedicated to her/his favourite team.

See what he did there? The Vancouver musician who composed this ditty about Jarkko Ruutu made sure not to reference a particular team, so the tune has been able to follow him from the Canucks, to the Pittsburgh Penguins and now the Senators, where it might get some airplay in January when Ottawa is fighting it out for eighth spot in the Eastern Conference.

In the New NHL, where players change teams every two years, there can't have too many contextual references, or the art won't last. Just ask Belly (ft. Ray Emery).

Link via Puck Daddy, which has given the Sennies a D+ in its free-agency report card. That's still a better grade than the Leafs received, but that's no kind of standard.

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