Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Get out the... bologna and lettuce?

The search and speculation is over, and the shadowy figures at MLSE have forgone local and stateside Canucks in favour of a proven NBA voice for the next season of Raps broadcasts.

Matt Devlin (pictured), formerly of the Charlotte Bobnets and the Memphis Vancouvers, takes over as lead play by play man, with a resumé a mile long and soon to be Olympic experience with NBC this summer.

Granted, it's probably best that one of the radio guys wasn't promoted, but it does continue to add to the idea that Canadians can't call anything other than hockey unless their name is Dan Shulman. Still, to see Emelessee at the vanguard of anything would be a shock.

Next we get to start laying bets on who takes Swirsky's 1 - 4 PM slot on the FAN.


Duane Rollins said...

I'm resisting the urge to point out the lack of analysis here, or the fact this has been leaked for more than a week. Ok, I guess I didn't resist very hard. Anyway.

If they go in house I'd suggest Roger Lajoie might finally get a consistent spot. Maybe moving Hogan to the afternoon spot would better contrast with McCown - and they could give the A.M slot to Toth alone. His soft focus is better suited there than in the afternoon and far better suited than in the drive slot.

But, I have a feeling they'll fill it with Smith for a while until they hire from outside.

sager said...

I'll put in a vote for Doug Farraway -- he knows how to stick the needle, he keeps a discussion moving and it's not all hockey.

On meritorious service, you'd have to figure Hoagie gets to move up.

Tyler King said...

There's more actual analysis and a jumping-off point for logical discussion than there was in your post, Duane.

Obviously instead I should've just said "How does this hiring make you *feel*?"