Sunday, July 06, 2008

Fronts: Cuttin' the corners

In a continuing effort to ward off any modicum of credibility, please click through to Fronts Talk, where there's some pretty good graffiti being scratched on the stall doors, saying the Frontenacs treat the families who billet players rather shabbily.

These kind of accusations (and they're only that) have appeared on the Internets before, but it never really gets into very wide circulation since most fans don't really care much beyond the W's and the L's. Funny, but you don't find people acccusing the Belleville Bulls or Kitchener Rangers of being small-town cheap, but people are quick to put that label on the Fronts.

(Granted, why should any credence be given to have a couple diehard fans on a message board who have been around the block a couple hundred times with this franchise say? They're just bitter for having been cursed to live in the same city as Doug Springer and Larry Mavety while having a functioning set of eyes and ears.

The Fronts will probably get back to the playoffs this season, but considering the state of the OHL's Leastern Conference, that's not saying much.)

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