Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Doing it right: Seattle Sounders FC

In the post below, Neate outlines what a sports team/event shouldn't do with its Web site. It only makes sense that Seattle's newest sport's team--MLS' Seattle Sounders FC--is fully using the web's capabilities to better serve its fans. What's the biggest employer there again?

Check out the ticketing software.
You can put preferences in like "How much do you like to sing/chant" and whether you prefer to stand during the match and have the system provide you with hot and cold map of the stadium to help you pick an appropriate section.

Once you have narrowed it down, you can look at the stats that the Sounders have collected from those that have purchased seats. You can see how many people like to make noise, stand up, what the most popular soccer team is among fans in your section and even if you are in a section filled by those that play the game themselves. It also shows you what percentage of seats have already been sold in the section.

From there you can then have a 3D look at what the view will be from your seat.

As AVIS used to say, when you're in second place you try harder. And MLS is clearly a second tier sport in the US. It's nice to see a team like Seattle doing the little things to try and make things easier for the fans.

There is nothing truly revolutionary here, but it's pretty cool none-the-less. Other sports teams would for themselves a favour by having a look.

The Sounders have sold 16,000 season ticket deposits. They begin play in April 2009.

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