Wednesday, July 09, 2008

CIS Corner: Taking on a tough task at U of T

Chances are, the U of T Varsity Blues might just go with an interim coach since they're without one less than six weeks out from the start of training camp.

The dot-orgers have a good thread going on whom U of T might look to pull the wagon out of the winless-since-2001 ditch. Like some muckmaker with no mainstream credibility suggested on Offsides last week, the ideal candidate might be a co-ordinator from another OUA school, someone who knows the turf, maybe

The rumourmongers have mentioned Queen's defensive co-ordinator, Pat Tracey -- who seems pretty secure right where he is -- and his Western counterpart, Paul Gleason. Gleason not running the Mustangs defence sounds really good to this Queen's alum. There's also the same pool of coaches who were interested in the York job, which went to Mike McLean.


Tyler King said...

Gary Barnett FTW.

sager said...

Hopefully the next U of T coaching staff will be as good at stealing the other team's signals as Barnett's Northwestern team was for part of their '97 game vs. Michigan.

(I was going to link to that three weeks ago when the story broke, but we don't really do much U.S. college footballon here, what with it being a shamateur sport and all.)

Tyler King said...

Give CIS another 10-20 years and they'll claim that title too.