Friday, July 18, 2008

Bleeding Tricolour: Howes tasked with saving U of T

It seems best to declare the bias up front and say that if U of T is ever going to win another football game, let's hope it happens on Bob Howes' watch.

Greg DeLaval would actually get credit, since he's the interim coach. Howes knows the game backward and forward, so he's bound to do some good for a program which needs something positive in a bad way.

(Howes' final season as Queen's head coach, 1999, coincided with yours truly's turn as sports editor of The Queen's Journal, so obviously, there's a bias.)

For U of T, coach is in the Howes; Former Queen's mentor asked to 'guide' Varsity football program (Kingston Whig-Standard)
Band-Aid for ailing Blues (Toronto Star)

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