Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Y-not Toronto?

Damien Cox has a nice breakdown of the Leafs management situation in today’s Star. Although much of the article focuses on the apparent hiring of Ron Wilson, some space (of course) is devoted to speculation about the GM/president position.

One interesting name Cox brings up is Steve Yzerman. He suggests that Yzerman could be lured out of Detroit to act as Colin Campbell’s assistant, if he Leafs were to go that route. In many ways a Yzerman/Campbell hiring is the most intriguing (realistic) possibility. This idea that Brian Burke—winner of one Stanley Cup and lover of all things goon hockey—is the white knight that will deliver Leafs Nation to the Promised Land is a bit much. For one, the Leafs aren’t the Ducks. It will take several years to get Toronto to the point that it can even start to rebuild—the first job for the new GM is to continue dismantling the current mess. It’s unclear whether Burke, 61, has that much time. Campbell’s a baby boomer too, although six years younger. But, Yzerman, who appears to be a bright guy with a history of winning, could be around for the long haul.

Yzerman has indicated that he is not interested in jumping into a GM role until he has learned the job—another reason to like him. But, the addition of Campbell, who, as an added bonus, is used to dealing with incompetent bosses, would give him a few more years to do just that.

Stevie Y has already helped to make the Dead Wings Red again. Maybe he’s the guy for the Make Beliefs too?

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