Wednesday, June 25, 2008

That's wicket funny, really, honest it is

Anyone whose work (or lack of it) leaves them watching a lot of daytime TV should be appreciative. Plus the woman is kinda cute.

Does anyone remember that there were a series of those Body Break spots where Hal Johnson didn't have his iconic mustache? It was freaky.


Duane Rollins said...

I suspect our American readers (assuming, you know, we have any) are really confused by that clip. But, that was great!

BTW, do you think playing my Wii counts as being active? Just checkin'

Mike said...

Man I grew up on those Body Break spots this was awesome!! However, just as the same happened with Trebek, once Hal Johnson lost the 'stache I just couldn't take his health tips anymore! ;)

btw best part of the video was the chuckle at the end, pretty sure that was Hal's trademark!

Duane, some will tell you that if it's not Wii Sports (specifically boxing), or that Wii Fit that no, it's not being active. But those people are quitters!...and, well, if you count as inactive playing your Wii then I'd be classified the same with my own, and I just refuse to believe that! :)