Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Taking a Tiger by his, um, knee

Ok, so this is pretty big news...

It's interesting to note that this will be Wood's third surgery on his left leg. And, although he says doctors say that the outlook is "positive" you have to wonder. Ask Bobby Orr if the knee joint cares that you are a superhuman athlete.

Of course, it is golf--80-year-old men play the game (often better than me). But, the Rotarian Brigade doesn't drive the ball 300+ yards. It's unlikely a knee surgery or two impacts your swing on the back nine of the Flemington Park Golf Course on senior's Wednesday.

What's crazy is that Woods has only played seven events this year. I guess when you consider he's won five of them there isn't much need to play much more. Still, does anyone else get the feeling that Woods might just unexpectedly pack it in one day? It's almost like he's a little bored by golf.


Big V said...

Tiger Woods in is the same as superman in an arm wrestling competition...
The man is a machine... no other golfer can drive into the bunker then lay up into the deep rough on the last hole of a major championship and end up with a birdie... Its like he was teasing us.

If tiger quit the popularity of golf would take a huge hit... He is the best thing that has ever happened to golf. I dont have any stats but so many young people are golfing because they want to be like tiger.

I think if he retired his street credit would go down the drain.

Jeff Dertinger said...

I think you're partially right about him becoming bored, Neate.

When it comes to the PGA tour, and winning regular events, he is certainly bored. The only events he even bothers showing up for are the ones hosted by Buick or one of his other companies.

He certainly doesn't need the money, and I'm sure he would much rather stay at home with his family right now.

But I think he still cares about breaking Jack Nicklaus' majors record. He's four away from tying (I believe) and he'll continue to grind it out on a bum knee until he gets there.

One thing is for certain, like Duane said, he has definitely raised golf to a new level and is the greatest there has ever been.

Jeff Dertinger said...

Sorry, first name in my PP should say Duane, second name should say Big V. LOL

There's too many writers on this dang site anymore ;)

Dennis Prouse said...

"Reconstructive surgery" makes it sound a lot more scary than it actually is these days. Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I had this surgery (late 80s, actually), and it was a lot more invasive then. They actually had to open up your knee from both sides. They were also very conservative with rehabilition. All in all, it used to be nine months to a year to recover.

Today, the surgery is usually done orthoscopically, and often patients are sent home the same day. Perhaps more importantly, they now know they can get much more aggressive on rehabilition. Patients are typically doing mild rehab exercises within days of the surgery. As a result, recovery time has now been cut in half, down to 4-6 months. Repairing a torn ACL is pretty routine surgery these days, so I don't anticipate any serious problems for him going forward.

Mike said...

Woods has been playing injured for the past 10 months - injured to the point where he can't even walk - and yet he still wins this easily? Upon his return he will destroy the competition, rewrite the record books and they, well yeah go from there...

It may be boring consistently winning that's a good point Duane, but Tiger is such a competitor I highly doubt that he would just pack it in. But IF he were to I see it only as a conditional retirement, because once someone emerges to becomes "the next Tiger" I would not be surprised to see Woods return to the game JUST to prove everyone wrong - he seems fierce and competitive like that!