Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Score commentator Brian Budd dead

Brian Budd is dead.

Many will remember Budd as an analysis on The Score's Footy Show, but he had a long playing career in the NASL and indoor soccer.

He made his mark in pop culture by winning ABC's Wide World of Sports World Superstars contest three years in a row between 1977-1980.

He was just 56.

He could be a bit bombastic as a broadcaster, but there was no doubting his passion. Canadian soccer has too few advocates. It can't afford to lose any of them, especially so young.

Not to be frivolous, but could our resident copy editor tell me when "passed away" became appropriate style for a headline?

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sager said...

Uh ...... it hasn't. Not now. Not ever. (Also, fourth graf it says "baring" when it should say "barring."

Hey, though, I grew up at RR1 Napanaee, I'm not even supposed to be able to comprehend the Globe, Post or Macleans's, let alone work for any of those publications.

Who knew Brian Budd played his collegiate soccer in Canada at UBC? I didn't. Talk about a terrible loss for Canada's footy community.